Heroes of Forgiveness – Will You Be One?

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I’m really excited to be starting this new series of open, sharing and insight calls this evening. As I was thinking about them over the weekend, the idea came to me to highlight stories of people who have demonstrated an extraordinary will to forgive.

Heroes of Forgiveness

super heroWe might call these people “Heroes of Forgiveness” because they have chosen to forgive even in the midst of circumstances that might seem unforgivable.

Some of the names are very familiar, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, the Amish school shooting survivors and family members and so many others. These are people we tend to hold in high regard because of their response to wrongs, injustices, hurts and tragedies – and rightly so.

Yet, although we may think of such individuals as extraordinary — even heroes — they are simply ordinary people who chose to walk the path of forgiveness. They chose to stand strong, forgive, and move forward in their lives, rather than to be limited and burdened by resentment, blame and victimization.

Ordinary People – Extraordinary Choices

These people now occur as extraordinary and are often regarded as heroes, as a result of the choices they made. But those choices came as a result of the perspectives they held, the understandings they had and the beliefs they nurtured. Each and every one of us has the ability to adopt new perspectives, understandings and beliefs to make these same kinds of choices as well!

Choices concept.The intent of these community calls is to point to the “Heroes of Forgiveness” as examples of what’s possible for any and all of us. These conversations will offer you perspectives, understandings and tools that will enable you to stand more clearly and powerfully in the willingness to forgive.

The purpose of these calls is to equip you and inspire you to nurture the beliefs that will allow you to be a “Hero of Forgiveness” in your own life and community. Imagine what could be available to you in the various areas of your life if you were to choose to forgive and let go of the events of the past completely.

You Can Be A Hero of Forgiveness Too

Consider how you could interact differently with your friends and loved ones if you were rooted in the present and free of old judgments and emotional burdens. If you were living forgiven and free, how could you be the hero of your own life? How could you become a hero to those around you?

Imagine yourself each and every day feeling more:

  • Present to the joy and wonder of each moment.
  • Able to connect and express yourself authentically.
  • Energized and excited about your future.
  • Free of old resentment, blame, guilt and shame.
  • Relaxed, healthy and stress-less.
  • Powerful, vital and creative.
  • Heroic, as an example of strength, peace and freedom for those around you!

Be your own hero posterAll of this and so much more is available to you now through choosing to forgive and let go of the negative judgments, hurts and grievances of the past.

Please join me tonight for the first call in this powerful series. There’s no cost or obligation to you, just an opportunity to begin to see and experience yourself in a new way. A way that will allow you to make new choices and become a hero of forgiveness – right where you are.

Forgiveness Heros – Call Details

Dates: Tuesday, February 25 & March 25, 2014
Time: 10:30 PM Eastern / 7:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Hawaii

Dates: Wednesday, March 12 & April 9, 2014
Time: 8:30 PM Eastern / 5:30 PM Pacific / 2:30 PM Hawaii

Dial: 626-677-3000, and at the prompt, enter code: 653725#

Je t'aime

For additional information click here.

So join me. Make a choice to come, to be inspired and to walk the path of forgiveness. Make the choice to show up as a hero in your own life.

Can’t wait to hear you there!

With excitement, Cliff

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