Holiday Heaven or Holiday Hell?

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Seven Weeks and Seven Simple Steps to Happier Holidays

Family All Together At Christmas DinnerIt’s almost November and the winter holiday season is just around the corner.  It’s stunning to think how fast the year has gone, but it also reminds me of a story.

Many years ago I had a co-worker (I’ll call Josie) who didn’t get along with her family. She had lots of judgments and resentments towards her manipulative, overbearing mother, meek, passive aggressive father and ultra-competitive sister.  It was only her younger that she liked at all.

Josie absolutely hated attending the obligatory family gatherings at her parent’s home each Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Yet Josie felt duty-bound to go and guilty if she were to even consider doing otherwise.

Woman with HeadacheSo each year – filled with dread, grumbling and shrouded in a cloud of negativity – off she’d trudge to spend the day in what she termed “Holiday Hell.”  Josie felt like a victim to the situation and believed that she’d never escape the annual torturous ordeals – at least as long as her parents were alive…

She thought that there was nothing she could do to make the situation more tolerable.  And she couldn’t imagine that she might be able to actually enjoy being together with her family.  Josie’s case is a little extreme perhaps.  But you may relate to her dread of holiday family gatherings, at least to some degree.

If you harbor any resentment or hurt about holiday gatherings past, or if you feel any dread when contemplating the upcoming holiday season, you’re carrying a needless burden.  You’re trapped by negative judgments, limiting beliefs and adverse habits of thought.

Escaping criminalThe good news is that you can free yourself of these limitations and escape the patterns of the past.  You can have more positive, loving, pleasurable times together with family – without having to change any of them at all!

You can choose to experience yourself and others in completely new ways!  The Liberate Your Mind and Heart (with the F-Word)  teleclass will set you on the path to happier holidays.  In 7 weeks, taking 7 simple steps, you’ll discover how you can:

·         Relieve yourself of the stress, anxiety and fears of the holiday season.
·         Regain your personal power and confidence to set healthy boundaries.
·         Reclaim your ability to feel happy, joyful and connected with friends and family.
·         Reveal a new sense of vision, purpose and clarity for your present and future.
·         …and so much more.

Free as a BirdThough this class has already begun, you can still join and take advantage of this opportunity to free your mind and heart in time for the holiday season.  You can jump in this weekend and get started without missing a thing. But don’t delay, the opportunity ends this Monday, Oct. 27.

What’s the F-Word – what’s the secret to freedom of the mind and heart?  Well, since you’re reading this post on this website, it’s probably not hard to guess that it’s Forgiveness.  But how does that really work?

Click here to listen to the first session replay and get more details now!

Now coming back to Josie.  Unfortunately we both moved on in our lives and lost touch.  I don’t know if she ever or learned the tools or concepts needed to change her mindset about her family to set herself free from her yearly “Holiday Hell.”

But I do know that you can do it.  You can learn the concepts of forgiveness and the tools of emotional education. You can gain the perspectives and techniques that will free you of the burdens of the past.  You can choose to create your own “Holiday Heaven” this year and in the future.

Again, click here to listen to the session replay and get started.

Listen to the first session replay, and then make a powerful choice to give yourself the gift of true liberation! You deserve it.  You deserve to have more peace of mind, happiness and connection with those you love. You deserve to really enjoy your holidays this year.

I look forward to hearing you soon!

With love and enthusiasm,  Cliff

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