Letter from God – What if You Were to Receive One?

A Letter from God?

letter from godWe live in seemingly dark, confusing times.  As we look around, read the news, interact on social media, it’s hard to miss.  Over the past year or so it seems that as a society and as a world, we’ve experienced an uptick.  Greater levels of conflict, anger, violence, injustice and alienation from one another.

I’ve experienced — quite recently in fact — that it’s very easy to get caught up in the negative voices, the righteous judgments and the belief that the world is spiraling out of control. I know that it’s easy to indulge in fearful thoughts, hateful words or destructive, disrespectful behaviors.  Or conversely, it’s also easy to want to do something to deaden the feeling, try to ignore it all or to sink into depression, apathy and numbness.

Some Reassurance

But what if a voice came to you – a loving and caring yet supremely confident and all powerful voice?  What if it came to you with a message, a reassurance and a lighthearted yet deeply earnest reminder?  What might be different for you then?

This past Sunday, while visiting a local spiritual center (some people might call it a church), the Rev. Michelle Ingalls, shared something beautiful with the congregation.  A few months ago, while caught up in the negative voices, fearful thoughts and such, she asked — she prayed — for help. To her delight and surprise she got it, a “download” from the divine, a missive from beyond. She listened closely, joyfully, then quickly wrote it down. On Sunday she read it to all of us.  I was so moved that I asked for permission to publish it as a guest post here.

So if you’ve been feeling anxious or fearful, angry or blaming, hopeless or depressed, or in any other way overwhelmed by the circumstances around us, this is for you too.  Here it is, a Letter from God.

letter from godby Rev. Michelle Ingalls
Letter from God, written November 2015

My Dear Human Beings,

letter from godGod here. I know there’s a lot of discussion around whether or not I actually exist. Then, when you finally do come to agreement that there’s some kind of higher power running the universe, your discussion turn to, “What do I look like? “What should you call me? What set of rules did I lay down for you to follow?” Yada, yada, yada.

I have to tell you, these are things I don’t really concern myself with. I think you’re getting hung up on things that are pretty inconsequential rather than tending to the things that truly matter.

I’ve been know by many names through many ages. Great names, well-known names. People of great import have spoken eloquently of my existence and my divine nature. They spoke of a life lived in union with my love, the love they found deep within themselves, a love beyond explanation.

The joy of this union inspired and led them to share their personal experiences, so that others may know their own magnificence in union with my boundless love. Many followed and were also inspired. But, the experience of this loving union was often forgotten through time and the hypnotic attraction of the outer world.

letter from god

Let me be clear, you were not born to follow in anyone else’s footsteps. You were born to follow your personal path by allowing the experience of my Love within you to lead the way.  

Oh, sure there are some wonderful examples to emulate. People whose lives were filled by love and overflowing with joy, laughter, compassion and kindness; and of course human challenges, but they were meet with the strength of courage they found in me. They were never alone and they felt it. They lived it.  

But, within you is exactly the same stuff as these people of great vision. They merely serve as examples so that you can know what’s possible in you. You are no different than the most magnanimous among you.  

I have laid a table of incredible diversity on planet earth because there is an infinite number of ways to express my infinite love. Look through my eyes, they are already in you. See the colors on the palate of life from the Center of my loving being. Try not to dress the world in the uniform of conformity and then judge that which doesn’t conform. I cannot be contained.

letter from godI am IN the sunset. I am IN the bird on the branch. I am IN the charging tiger; the crying child, the grieving parent, the homeless on the corner, the weary refugee and the quiet morning sky. I AM in your friend and I AM in your enemy. I AM in you. I AM your Life.

You and all of your human and animal family are my body and my LIFE. In me, the colors on your palate are as beautiful, as big and bold as you decide you want them to be. I live my Life through you and I am limitless.  

Your job should you decide to accept it, is to bring heaven to earth. To be kind to each other, to see ME in all living creatures, to see yourself in others, to love beyond simple sentimentality.  

Oh, one more thing and this is important, nothing you can do, no matter hard you try, can mess things up. In Reality, there is only my Love. We are constantly together, awash in this living atmosphere of love. You are my creation and I love you beyond belief.

All the best in your endeavors,


letter from god

Rev. Michelle Ingalls is the Minister of the One Heart – One Mind Center for Spiritual Living in San Diego.  The mission of One Heart One Mind Center for Spiritual Living is to create a safe, nurturing environment in which people are free to deepen their relationship with God, open their hearts and empower their lives.  Find out more about them here:  www.oneheart-onemind.org

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