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What are Book Discussion Groups? Sometimes called Book Study Groups or Clubs, they are communities of people who come together to read and discuss books, share ideas, exchange information.  They are ideal environments to learn from the experience of one another in a safe and connected setting.

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Because you can actually make a positive difference,
in your life and for others!

Forgiveness is something that is desperately needed in our world today.  Look around you, read or watch the news, indulge in popular media and you’ll see lots of conflict, hatred, anger, resentment and blame.  You’ll see behaviors revealing long-lasting patterns of guilt, shame, regret and resignation.  These all end up negatively driving choices and interactions between people individually as well as between cultures and nations.

As a result, we live in a world filled with so many problems that seem difficult and intractable.  We live with issues on so many levels that are stressful, painful, tremendously costly and even deadly.  We live in a world in which war, hatred and violence are considered to be inevitable.  But what if they really are unnecessary?  What if there were a path to freedom, understanding and cooperation available instead?

The Solution Starts with You

Forgiveness is a path to freedom from so many of the problems, struggles and conflicts we all face today.  This solution is simple, readily available and something that is free to use - anytime and anywhere.  In fact, you'll find that you're the one who truly gains and benefits when you make the investment of time and intention into forgiving yourself and others.

Individually and collectively, forgiveness is the key to liberation of the mind and heart.  Forgiveness offers the means of freeing ourselves and our world from the patterns and burdens of the past and opening the doors to the possibility of a brighter, more peaceful and fulfilling future.

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