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When you order The Forgiveness Handbook through this page, you will receive a print copy of the book or the book and Companion Workbook together, hand signed by author Clifford Edwards. In addition, you can have the book personalized with your own name, or the name of the person to whom you want to share it as a gift.

The Forgiveness Handbook

The Forgiveness Handbook is an easy to use guide that shares how you are the one who benefits most by forgiving those who have hurt you.  It addresses the common questions and misconceptions about what forgiveness is and why you would want to choose to forgive yourself and others. It is written as a simple guide for anyone to clearly understand the“what, why and how” of forgiveness.  The Forgiveness Handbook will support you to:

  • Break free of your old obstacles and limitations
  • Reclaim your power, vitality and creativity
  • Relieve your sources of stress and anxiety
  • Live more present and joyful in the moment
  • Feel excited about your future once again
  • Experience greater levels of love and connection
  • …and so much more!

The Forgiveness Handbook Companion Workbook

The Forgiveness Handbook Companion Workbook is designed as a simple, structured support for your personal forgiveness process. It will help you get the most out of the information and exercises in The Forgiveness Handbook so that you can break free from the burdens and limitations of your past and start living with greater ease, self-love and success.

At the end of every chapter of The Forgiveness Handbook you'll find journaling exercises to complete. The exercises are build on one another and support you to open up more fully to the ideas and practices of forgiveness. The Companion Workbook contains the same exercises, bolstered with additional questions, and broken down into an easy to use, step by step process.

New Life

Read The Forgiveness Handbook and work through the exercises in The Forgiveness Handbook Companion Workbook. When you’re done, you’ll have completed a personal process of forgiveness so that you can experience  more freedom, self-confidence and joy. Choose to make peace, forgive and let go, so that you can create a new life starting now and move into a more self-expressed and successful future, free of the burdens of the past!

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